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Smart Bar

In wildBig queue for smartbar at melbourne museumWildtalking about the okapiLionSex under the sea
About a whaleAnimatronic dinosaursButterflyStick insectsBeetlesBeetles
Maybe next timeDino talkBig hairy spiderupBig flyCute bug
Green bug

Smart Bar, a set on Flickr.

tonight we went to smart bar at Melbourne Museum, a late night opening of the science and life exhibits with bar, dj, and talks and demos by curators


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Mar. 5th, 2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
Pictures About Animals

I saw your pictures in FLICKR BABY ANIMALS and thought them very cool!
It´s rare to take a picture of a TAZ (is this the correct name?)... And other animals too - dingo/koalas/kangaroos.
So you live (and are from) OZ; i have wishes to go/visit there.

See ya,
Rodrigo Rosa (Brazil)
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