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pics from out trip to MONA (museum old and new art) in hobart
its a slide show (the post to lj as thumb thing still refuses to work) hit play or click here to see the set

maker faire

Saturday I went to the maker faire, the first one in australia , basically a faire for makers of anything, hackers, tech (low or high), DIYers, crafters whatever, to come and share knowledge and to show off creations. theres no selling , i tink that was actually a plus .
some people wanted there to be more crafers with selling allowed, but i think it would turn into yet another craft market if they did that.
you could run worshops and charge for materials etc. i was asked if i'd be interested to be involved run a workshop or have a display, but didnt really have time to think of anything, get it together, but next time i would be interested in showing stuff and demonstating some crafy things.

heres a slideshow of pics i took at the faire, or click here to see the set on flickr

daily challenges: sketch a day

hmm cant seem to log in via my regular client, so using the lj webpage, see how this goes :]
(though it's been forever since i've used either, I think i just use the flickr share most times these days, but anyway..)

this year I'm trying a photo a day challenge (well so far it is January photo a day, but I may try extend that each month, if I can find a list of themes to work from.
as there are themes each day for the January one I found, and its a bit better to do from a theme rather than just random pics (i post them anyway, but sporadically:)
i'll maybe share those later, but they are posted to my twitter/facebook/flickr each day if you're on there

I'm also doing a sketch a day, to try and get back into drawing, because i hardly do anything creative these days, and drawing used to be the best thing, so trying to get back into the swing of it.
i started this project late (ie not on jan 1st) but there's no group or theme, just a personal challenge, i already missed one day since i started, mainly 'cos it was taken up with Amanda Palmer gigs, and i was then too tired to do it when i got home.

anyway here's first bunch, as i said its for the act of doing a sketch each day, they aren't necessarily brilliant/ finished etc. ;p click through for bigger
Pats hellboy Chewbacca tea break
Pats (was watching ab fab) : hellboy : Chewbacca tea break

60s singer Pangolins (tree and Chinese)
60s singer (was someone on 'retro' rage) : Pangolins, tree and chinese pangolins

Daily sketch Basquiat and Warhol

photo reference Maree Austin 1952 : Basquiat & Warhol while watching Basquiat docco

Dresden Dolls ninja gig

dolls ninja gig 1dolls ninja gig 2dolls ninja gig 3dolls ninja gig 4dolls ninja gig 5Dolls ninja gig 6
Dolls ninja gig 7

Dresden Dolls ninja gig , a set on Flickr.

earlier this afternoon, before their gig, Amanda and Brian from the Dresden Dolls did a Ninja gig at the city sq. actually took my "real" camera along as well for a few snaps

Dresden Dolls at the Forum

Dresden Dolls 1Dresden Dolls 6Dresden Dolls 5Dresden Dolls 4Dresden Dolls 3Dresden Dolls 2

Dresden Dolls Forum melb, a set on Flickr.

a few phone snaps from the Dresdon Dolls gig tonight at the Forum Theatre.
Amanda came into the audience during the encore , and sang on the table right in front of us, and on the barrier right in front of my face, too close actually, so those pics didn't come out ;p she then leant over and kissed the boy just behind me to the left (if she went for the one to my right it could have been D ;)

art bits

RowlandYellow perilRust graffitiSpace invaderTurtles

art bits , a set on Flickr.

some bits of art i saw today, including turtles in a xmas pagent in a shop window in smith st, Rowland S Howard graffiti by seldom, a space invader, names by everyone in rust , and the 'yellow peril'

New years eve

Waiting for a train post NYE masquerade party at revoltAmanda Palmer and Meow Meow NYEThe bedroom philosopher at trash masquerade NYEDavid being foxy at revolt NYEOnly snap i got of NYE outfit, you wouldn't think I spent a lot if time making that ;)Odd orange alien people, or station light
Tonights NYE Masquerade mask doneNeil Gaiman at trash masquerade NYEDavid and Alex at trash masquerade

New years eve, a set on Flickr.

for NYE we went to Amanda palmers event at Revolt . it was fun.
Basically the same as an Amanda Palmer concert, but with food , and more costumes, and Neil Gaiman reading stuff.
just a few snaps i took on my phone during the evening, and of our costumes

happy new year to you all. hope you also had fun !


Lilydale 5Lilydale 4Lilydale 3Lilydale 2Lilydale

lilydale, a set on Flickr.

Lilydale Tasmania pics from around my Uncle's house, which was my grandparents house and where dad grew up

xmas day

Cracker jokeChocolate SantasIn the back seatMiss Maddy and a festive cracker hat collarMy Kris Kringle pressy from David

xmas day, a set on Flickr.

hope you all had a fun day, whatever it was you were doing, celebrating or not.we went to Davids parents, we got a lift by D's sister and were accompanied by her dog maddie (pictured )
David gave me a Mark Ryden book for my xmas present, i gave him Machine man by Max Barry.
and D got me in his family's kris kringle, and gave me a card, (with a dalek drawn in it) to exchange for tickets to the upcoming Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular :]

xmas cookery

Gluten free biscuit Xmas treesCookie Xmas treeMini kiss biscuitsPistachio cranberry white chocolate barkPistachio cranberry white chocolate barkMini Pudding truffles
Pudding cake trufflesChoc Ginger ballsGF choc hazelnut cream biscuitsChristmassy Glacé cherriesXmas cookingExtermi-bake

xmas cookery, a set on Flickr.

lots of baking done the past 2 days for xmas , including xmas biscuit tree, choc hazelnut creme biscuits, choc hazelnut balls, mini xmas pudding cake truffles, mini kiss biscuits, white chocolate istachio + cranberry bark

Ulverstone yarn graffitti


Ulverstone yarn graffitti, a set on Flickr.

festive themed yarn graffitti spotted in Ulverstone , Tas

Ulverstone Santa Run

santa_0672santa_0670santa_0677Santa runSanta runsanta_0678

Ulverstone Santa Run , a set on Flickr.

while in Tassie i went to Ulverstone, where we watched my brother in law runin the Santa Fun Run , which raises money for the flying doctors service. Tthe black suit spiderman and his dog won, my brother inlaw came second, but no prizes for fun runs :]

xmas decorations

SantaDecorations in b&wDecorationsGlowing SantaXmas treatsMrs Claus
Lego Rudolph

xmas decorations, a set on Flickr.

A few snaps of xmas things, some from around my parent home and and a few more of decorations at last nights lovely Pxx xmas party
click through to view larger, as they look much better a bit bigger than in the thumbnails :]

Melbourne Xmas

TreesGiant nutcrackerGingerbread mcgGingerbread marketGingerbread market 2Gingerbread Melbourne town hall
Gingerbread MelbourneGingerbread city Santa

Melbourne Xmas, a set on Flickr.

went to the city yesterday and it's very much xmas stuff everywhere
I found a very cute gingerbread Melbourne in the Town Hall gallery space. though i think it looks like space men batting, rather than little cricketeers in the gingerbread MCG ;]

then we went to see Tom Stoppard and Neil Gaiman talking yesterday evening. which i think a lot of people i know were at also.

will have some tassie pics up later on maybe.so whats been happening on LJ land? I haven't checked in for almost 3 weeks

show fun

ducksdaffodilskermitshorse preparationfun housemonkey clowns
big crochorseman statueprizesTigger and prizesBearsBears B&W
Dodgem cars 2DodgemsFerris wheelRidesRidesSlide
RidesRidesaround and upin the airsundownrollercoaster

show fun, a set on Flickr.

sideshows and displays at the show, click through to see all images

Animal Nursery

Llamakidscamelsdonkeysmummy and bubby pigpiglets
cuddleSheep maternity wardlambslamb relaxed sheepemu chick
ChookchookChookchooks 2

Animal Nursery, a set on Flickr.

Animals in the animal nursery at the Melbourne show


pink and brown caketeddy bear picnic cakeowl cakeMonkey cakewonderwoman gingerbreadCow gingerbread
clown game cakecreepy baby cake QE cakebag and shoes cake R2 cakeR2 cake 2
Amy winehouse cakeWedding cakesParty cakesCakesanimals cakebuddha cake
bear cakedancing girl sugar craftbird cage cakehat lady cake scarecrow cakecup cakes

cakes, a set on Flickr.

cake decorating at the Melbourne show

Zoo Nov 11

Jabiruelephants 2elephantsElephants 3CockyAviary
BirdBirdElephants 4OrangutanLook close there's a baby orangutan on mums shouldersHelmeted honeyeater
Rose crowned fruit doveBirdTawny frogmouthMajor Mitchell's cockatoo

Zoo Nov 11, a set on Flickr.

went through the zoo today after having lunch with D. just snaps on my iphone, wasn't planning on going when i left home it was the zoo's 150th birthday today, i just looked at elephants, orangutans and the birds


Jam 5Jam 4jam 3jam 2jam 1

jam, a set on Flickr.

jam and preserves at the show

an actual updates with words and stuff

had a pretty good weekend
Friday we went to see Geraldine Quinn cabaret show, "the last gig in melbourne" at the bella union. shes a great performer and backed with a live band (including Casey Benetto) they performed witty songs about a nights out in Melbourne.
though the theme of the last gig ever, maybe didn't come through as strong as i think it could have, and a bit of extra story telling threading would have been welcome addition, specially as some times the live backing band meant her lyrics were a little hard to make out at times, but she's got a great voice and its a fun rock cabaret show. only 2 shows left this and the next coming friday.

before the show we had great curry at carlton curry house (+ GF Naan!) and then went to koko black for a coffee and splurged on some chocolates for dessert. though we only had one as too full, and took some home for later on.

saturday we went to the Hawthorn Tram Museum, which i discovered a few weeks ago, but it only open one saturday a month. I shall do a full post a bout that later as i took a bnch of pics (as usual)
then we went to D's family for tea, and they gave us an old connies ticket punch, whcih i think D's grandad had, but no one knows why he had it. anyway now we have one for a reason no one knows :]

Sunday we went to the Southgate Fiesta.
not sure what the fiesta that was on all weekend was all about other than promoting southgate, but i love the performances of strange fruit so we went to have a look.
the stilt flamingo ladies were pretty cool as well, and we also saw some jugglers and some less exciting 'acrobats' performing, before we wondered off to look at suitcases at southwharf.

am looking for a new carry on suitcase than conforms to both virgin and jetstar size restrictions, but holds a decent amount. it's annoying they are both different, but i think i think I've found one i like that is a decent size inside, and funky looking, but if you have any recommendations let me know.
I'm heading off to tassie again in a few weeks and don't want to pay for luggage or carry a backpack for a change.

and also pub day before i go in two weeks, on Sunday the 27th, usual place, but let us know if you want to come so we can book a table