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Fairy Park

Dragonflute gnomecastleBearscooking gnomessnow white
dancing micebig noseFairy parkPuss in BootsBeanstalkDanger
three bearsSpooky catPinocchio  A green thingwitches castlebig bad wolf
Monstersred and green castlelog housepuff the magic dragonrapunzellook into the eyes

Fairy Park, a set on Flickr.

i realised i haven't shared the pics i took at fairy park with Barbarella, Dom & Riley way back in August !
(well other than some off my phone)
I recently uploaded a few more images to flickr and also remember there a few of you still here on LJ so i'll post here as well.
consider this an update ;]

click through to see larger/ here for see full set
richmond pretty hat

MICF is over

so the last 3 1/2 weeks was melbourne international comedy festival. i usually update here about things to see and recommendations and stuff but seem to have switched to twitter for my main internet-ing of things these days.
anyhoo, i was working as Front of house manager in the Portico room, on the second floor at Melbourne Town Hall, a 67 seat venue, with all wonderful artists performing.
I had Timandra Harkness and Matt Parker in maths of death (for 6 days), Umit Bali (for final 10 days of the festival) Anne Edmonds, Celia Pacquola and Damian Callinan
each performer was super nice and a pleasure to work with.
I didnt get to actually see their shows though (but i had seen Anne perform this show at melbfringe)

considering i worked 5.30-11 pm most days i couldn't actually see many festival shows, but I did manage to see a few things:

Peer Review
Daniel Kitson - Where Once Was Wonder
Watson - Shakespeare fight club
Political Asylum
Tie her to the tracks
Slow clap - Truth
Dr Brown - Befrdfgth
Sam Simmons - About the weather
Simon Amstell - Numb
Set list x 4 ish times
Haus party x3 and other festival club bits and pieces a few times

so many things i would have loved to have seen, it's not worth thinking about ;p
over all it was a great festival.
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Smart Bar

In wildBig queue for smartbar at melbourne museumWildtalking about the okapiLionSex under the sea
About a whaleAnimatronic dinosaursButterflyStick insectsBeetlesBeetles
Maybe next timeDino talkBig hairy spiderupBig flyCute bug
Green bug

Smart Bar, a set on Flickr.

tonight we went to smart bar at Melbourne Museum, a late night opening of the science and life exhibits with bar, dj, and talks and demos by curators