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Tram Museum

tram diagramdiagram showing path of currentbluespittingToorakPlease step inside
Tram museum ticketsmother tram164 No. 217stained glass on tramStained glassracecourse, st kilda bch
Passengers must not obstructPassengerblue tram1972 tramdo not talk to the driverelsternwick tram
st kilda beach signlocation boardTramcar location boardresistancetram driver rulesaccidents are caused by people

Tram Museum, a set on Flickr.

I've finally got up pics i took at the tram Museum in Hawthorn last year

Fairy Park

Dragonflute gnomecastleBearscooking gnomessnow white
dancing micebig noseFairy parkPuss in BootsBeanstalkDanger
three bearsSpooky catPinocchio  A green thingwitches castlebig bad wolf
Monstersred and green castlelog housepuff the magic dragonrapunzellook into the eyes

Fairy Park, a set on Flickr.

i realised i haven't shared the pics i took at fairy park with Barbarella, Dom & Riley way back in August !
(well other than some off my phone)
I recently uploaded a few more images to flickr and also remember there a few of you still here on LJ so i'll post here as well.
consider this an update ;]

click through to see larger/ here for see full set http://www.flickr.com/photos/andricongirl/sets/72157627397956639/detail/

Walk 19th May

From the war memorialCactusFlowering cactusBotanic gardens, the lake looks like a fieldGuilfoyle's volcanoGiant tentacle tree
Inside the war memorial

Walk 19th May, a set on Flickr.

a walk through the Melbourne botanic gardens and war memorial

Tonight's friend : Nina Second friend tonight: Tibalt
some little beasts that made friends with me at Davids sisters house, Nina and Tibalt. they just sat on me cos they know im allergic, lucky they were cute

Ballarat heritage weekend 2012

GeraldineTin pedal carsvintage pedal carsGerry geeAnother Gerry geeBoudoir Doll
BabyGiddy kiddy karouselSporting newsHistory books at the mechanics instituteLibraryBaby in the corner
Ballarat Town hallJaffas for joy1920 BuickMining exchangeBallarat heritage weekend historical society displaySteam train
Steam trainVintage truckKodakery

last weekend was the ballarat heritage weekend, we went down with D's family and stayed the night at his sisters place, she had been involved in the festival and had setting up/curated quite a few of the exhibitions

Dinosaur walk

rarrIguanadondinosstegosaurusStegosaurus in b&wLooking
dinossnake eating a dinoDino babiesapatasaurusDinosaurstriceratops
trexT-rexlook out behind yougrrraaagghhCrocstriceratops in the wild
the kids make a new friendflyspiny

Dinosaur walk, a set on Flickr.

potos of the Dinosaur walk display at Tasmania Zoo, which is a bunch of giant statues of Dinosaurs in the bush

MICF is over

so the last 3 1/2 weeks was melbourne international comedy festival. i usually update here about things to see and recommendations and stuff but seem to have switched to twitter for my main internet-ing of things these days.
anyhoo, i was working as Front of house manager in the Portico room, on the second floor at Melbourne Town Hall, a 67 seat venue, with all wonderful artists performing.
I had Timandra Harkness and Matt Parker in maths of death (for 6 days), Umit Bali (for final 10 days of the festival) Anne Edmonds, Celia Pacquola and Damian Callinan
each performer was super nice and a pleasure to work with.
I didnt get to actually see their shows though (but i had seen Anne perform this show at melbfringe)

considering i worked 5.30-11 pm most days i couldn't actually see many festival shows, but I did manage to see a few things:

Peer Review
Daniel Kitson - Where Once Was Wonder
Watson - Shakespeare fight club
Political Asylum
Tie her to the tracks
Slow clap - Truth
Dr Brown - Befrdfgth
Sam Simmons - About the weather
Simon Amstell - Numb
Set list x 4 ish times
Haus party x3 and other festival club bits and pieces a few times

so many things i would have loved to have seen, it's not worth thinking about ;p
over all it was a great festival.

Tasmania Zoo

Think we could do with another cute animal picCute Spotted quoll at tassie zoozoo signsteenage emured rooEmus and Roos
MonkeymonkeydevilDevildangerous animals at the zoowallaby
kookasulphur crested cockatooswedge tail eaglesthree ducksbaby devil photo opdevil dinner time
monkeymonkeydingoesdingobaby devilbaby devil

Tasmania Zoo, a set on Flickr.

still some more pics from Tasmania visit : Animals at Tasmania zoo, in Northern tas, near Launceston

Smart Bar

In wildBig queue for smartbar at melbourne museumWildtalking about the okapiLionSex under the sea
About a whaleAnimatronic dinosaursButterflyStick insectsBeetlesBeetles
Maybe next timeDino talkBig hairy spiderupBig flyCute bug
Green bug

Smart Bar, a set on Flickr.

tonight we went to smart bar at Melbourne Museum, a late night opening of the science and life exhibits with bar, dj, and talks and demos by curators

tas kids

Icy pole and pieHannah and chesterAshley and ChesterChesterPieSlippery slide
PoolPlease walk on stairsJan photo a day 28 lightIcy pole

tas kids, a set on Flickr.

some snaps in Tas with my niece and nephew, a few snaps at the pool, and with their cat

In the garden

BlackberriesStrawberriespink flowersPicking strawberriesCornpurple flowers
Tiny capsicumsbirds on a wireGreen tomatoesGladioliSpanish Onions#janphotoaday day 29 in the fridge, bowl of berries
StrawberriesBerriesDragonflydragonflyPansiesRude carrot
Blackberry vinescarecrow#janphotoaday day 30 nature. PansiesPearsstrawberries

In the garden, a set on Flickr.

In my parents garden at home in Tas

drawing birds

have been drawing quite a few birds lately.
I picked up a few new Pitt brush pens and decided to try them out and I have been meaning to try and draw birds for a while.
When we went to to Qld last year i made a list of all the birds i spotted and IDed correctly, and had decided to try and draw them all, but I hadn't got around to doing any until now. (though only 5 of these birds drawings are on that list, 2 of these are ones i saw in melb. zoo:)
first I've only drawn birds that i have photo reference of, and that i have taken those photos of the bird myself.
I have also tried to do a sketch/drawing a day this year, as well as a photo a day. so far the drawing slipped when i went away to Tas, but i have managed to draw a lot more since I've been back home.
still having problem running off the page, may switch to a larger sketch book ;p

sketch: Seagull sketch: Pied heron
Crested tern sketch Sketch: white-browed woodswallow
Sketch: Masked Lapwing (Spur wing plover) Sketch: Swan
Sketch: Magpie-lark (pee-wee)
silver(sea)gull, pied heron, crested tern, white-browed wood swallow, masked lapwing (spur-wing plover), Swan, magpie-lark (pee-wee)

Hobart buildings

Theatre royal hotelHobart Gas Companyold hotelcity hallcolonial mutual buildingcascade brewery office
T&G mutual life societysavings bankIXL jam building

Hobart buildings , a set on Flickr.

as the title says, here's some photos of cool looking buildings around Hobart

I made a Valentine's day Quoll for you all!

I made a Valentine's day Quoll for you all!
Originally uploaded by Jellibat.

happy valentines or just a happy Tuesday, if you prefer ;p

Quolls really do have silly feet ;p

Sketch, the handsome George Valentin

Sketch, the handsome George Valentin
Originally uploaded by Jellibat.

We went and saw the Artists last night
in case if you don't know, it is a modern silent film, filmed in black and white. it has minimal sound for effect.
it kept pretty true to old silent film scripts and style, and was reminiscent of many old films but was a nice homage rather than a copy or recreation.
quite an enjoyable and fun film.

around Hobart Jan

Ceiling domeview of Hobart from our aptmountain viewhobart docks at sunsetIXL jam building at sunsetgull at sunset
1No playing on play equipmentcurry!janphotoaday day 21 reflectionHey Hobart, I wish your mountain would stop disappearing, I want to go to the top of itjanphotoaday day 22 your shoes
Savings bank HobartAwesome cover art on this H.G.Wellsdrawing bookGraffiti at Salamanca placeBoatSimon at Machine
David at Machinecherub playing hornsweetsPenguinsSealMoFo church

around Hobart Jan, a set on Flickr.

hey look the thumbs from flickr is working again :]
some random pics from around hobart, views from our hotel, cafes and other places we went to
click through to see larger and more images in the set

melbourne snaps

gulls on hill Cloudy
Nymph gardens

most days the last week I've walked into the city, I still find new things to see

A quick lj update posting

haven't posted here in a while, 'cos we went off to hobart to MoFo

I took heaps of pics, and you probably saw, I just put up the first set, from our visit to the MONA. still to come hobart and MOFO snaps and other tassie snaps.
i then went off to visit family for a while, and got back to melb last wednesday.

on Saturday we went to the Dr who symphony which was quite an enjoyable evening out, I wouldnt normally go to a MSO concert but was soemthing different. was just music from the 11th dr. would liek to go to the LOTR ones if it doesnt sell out.

yesterday got call Mum was sick again so still waiting for details of exactly what, but something with her remaining kidney, but not a stone. hopefully it's ok, she is to see her doc tomorrow for test results.

i also went to a life drawing class last night, first one in 5 years, really need to get my skills up, but to draw again was a good distraction to yesterdays stress, and it felt good to actually draw again. must keep it up when i can afford it. if interested a few life drawings are up here

i'm still mainly just on twitter these days, and flickr, then instagram and tumblr more than here (as they are all easy to acess on my phone mainly :)
I forget to check in here as often but i still read friends pages when I'm on a real computer, but i may have missed stuff in the past few weeks while i was away.