Sunday Velvet (andricongirl) wrote,
Sunday Velvet

Rye pier

last weekend we down mornington peninsula and went to the beach. first half of the day was a frolic around rye pier

Rye beach
Rye beach. from this shot it looks quite peaceful and fairly deserted but there was heaps of people swimming and on the beach closer to the pier

kite surfers
Kite surfers



Rye pier
under the rye pier theres a snorkellers trail called the octopuses garden, with signs up about the creatures you may encounter while swimming around day i may actually get in the water and have a look around ;p

Nat, Tom, Renee and David

Rye pier
looking back towards the beach

Rye pier
looking to the end of the pier. some kid had just climbed up the light pole down the end and back flipped off it, but missed the shot (see sharplittlteeth's pics)

Rye sign
yes there are signs saying not to to that ;p

Nat, Nigel, Renee and David- all ok


lots of birdies
Tags: beach, melbourne, out and about, photography

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