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so haven't posted here in forever. hmm, in a month oops.

have been doing stuff, and mainly i use twitter. but i'm still reading here just not really posting. anyway the last month for those who don't follow sharplittlteeth :
I've seen some theatre, Bell Shakespeare's Much ado about nothing, which was excellent, and Arena Theatre's Moth, which was another interesting production. and D reviews here

we've also seen circus oz steampumped show which was fun, and it was dress up night so lots of steampunk outfits were around in the audience as well.

also saw some comedy: The Bedroom Philosopher's High School Assembly at Thornbury Theatre a few weeks ago, and Dungeon Crawl: Harry Potter edition at Bella Union last week.

have been to a friends album launch (Mountain static- research) which was in a church where they served a range of tea, i took pics but still working through editing them. Simon's gone to europe for a few weeks so ill have them up some time before he gets back

have visited art galleries, and seen the Vienna art and design exhibition and the Eugene von Guérard exhibition.
and also the Tutankahmun exhibition at the museum.

have watched lots of telly shows, game of thrones, which is good and very enjoyable, but i felt the women were a bit slow to do anything. i feel like watching Rome again cos i think that was possibly a bit better, though i do like the whole fantasy thing in GoT, and cant wait to see the next series.

also watched Downton Abbey, another good show, but not the sexy romp it was marketed as at first, still a very enjoyable period drama, also looking forward to the next series of that.

have visited friend in hospital and caught up with people at pub lunch and geek lunch.

have also given up smoking, its been about 2/12 weeks so far, and its hard sometimes, being a bit grumpy. but if i stay sitting at home eating junk food I'm ok ;p it the journeys out side where i go oh, no ciggies on this walk. anyway hoping that feeling goes away eventually.

in family life news, some bad stuff, my aunt (mums sister) died. it wasn't totally unexpected though she's younger than my mum, she had been an alcoholic for many years, and she wasn't able to give up drinking. mum was wasn't very close and i barely seen her ever, last time being maybe 20 years ago or more.
also my sister in law had been diagnosed with cancer (I think it is non Hodgkin's lymphoma) and she started chemo right away, i think she's had 3 sessions so far so hopefully the treatment is going ok,.

hmm anyway thats probably all the stuff to mention.

yesterday we went to the museum, and checked out the Bunjilaka aboriginal galleries and then a look round the dinosaur section before coming home. of course took some snaps

David in Milarri gardens

Milarri gardens
Milarri gardens, i hadn't been out into this garden at the museum before so we went exploring.

small dinosaur
dino bones

dino head




tiny sea star
seastar fossil

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