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Sunday Velvet

bats are in the jelli

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After hours in the valley of downs
tripped up all over town
After 3 she's down on avenue C
kicking down with the clowns
you can tell she's hydrolic
a silver scream in super sonic
you can see the mercury smear in her eyes
shes right out of this world
she's the Andricon girl
taking a ride with the pretty things tonight
you know its wrong
but it feels so right
the Andricon girl

she's turning all blue

If you find me watching your LJ its because i found it interesting, creative or mad, either way it gives me something to procrastinate over when I know I should be doing something a lot more productive.

and feel free to add me without asking.

I help out as a mod over on melbournegoths

For some other entertainment visit the beautiful and talented David W (sharplittlteeth's) LJ, or his Mini comic online Death by Music
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